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Course List

Improvement Only Starts With Knowledge

Success However, Is The Result of Implementing What Is Learned.

Incoming Calls:
Building the Foundation

● The importance of a professional phone presentation
● How to professionally handle unique customers
● The 5 objections and how to overcome them
● How to quickly qualify right vs. wrong customers 
● How to sell with 100% transparency 
● How to convert price shoppers to life-long customers
● Using high-value words
● Asking for the appointment

Intake Reception:
Closing Both Sides of the Expectation Gap

● Making remarkable first-impressions 
● Building rapport on the foundation of trust
● Clarifying a plan for the vehicle’s life-line 
● Closing the expectation gap
● Setting expectations with new customers
● Effective vehicle check-in
● Building value & anticipation in the DVI / Inspection
● Clearly identifying the next step

Complete Vehicle Health

● 100% transparency policy
● Building value and trust with pictures
● Moving from should to need
● Selling maintenance vs. repairs
● Red, Yellow, Green – What they really mean
● Long-game thinking with the progression of failure

One Price Sales Presentation:
Total Investment Strategy

● Preparation time is never wasted time
● Getting the “No” out of the way
● Using the DVI to sell ethically with “as you can see”
● Influencing decisions & transferring feelings
● Utilizing the “3-W’s” to stop building the watch
● Overcoming objections

Reselling the Value of the Repair

● Reselling the value using the repair order
● Customer education of shop program
● Asking for referrals
● Asking for 5 Star reviews
● Setting the next service appointment
● Rewards program education

Follow-Up & Marketing:
Solidification of Satisfaction

● Overcoming buyer’s remorse
● Preventing bad reviews before they are published
● How could we have made your experience even better?
● Confirming the time-line for declined services and repairs
● Asking for referrals and reviews
● Improving the process by asking hard questions

Active Listening & Communication

● Minimal encouragers
● The Effective pause
● Mirroring
● Labeling your customer
● Paraphrasing
● Summarizing

Goal Setting

● Understanding the Importance of SMART goals
● Setting specific goals
● Setting measurable goals
● Setting attainable goals
● Setting realistic goals
● Setting time-bound goals

Effective Scheduling

● Take control of the flow
● Setting clear timeline expectations
● Never schedule another “waiter”
● Knowing when the funnel is full
● Bay management 
● Setting future appointments at the cash-out